Professor Lisa Lommel from School of Nursing University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Gave Lectures to Graduate Nursing Students from International Class of 2019

In an effort to further the development of the discipline of nursing which offers quality nursing education and cultivates students with global perspectives, the School of Nursing of Central South University (CSU) invited Lisa Lommel, a clinical professor from School of Nursing University of California, San Francisco(UCSF) to conduct academic exchanges and deliver lectures on Advanced Academic Research to graduates of the second joint program between CSU and UCSF.

With more than 25 years of clinical experience and teaching experience in womens primary health care, Professor Lisa Lommel has long been devoted to researches related to women and family health and the health status of Chinese immigrants in the United States.

In lecturing the graduates of the joint program, Professor Lisa Lommel adopted a variety of teaching modes, including seminars, group reports, teacher lecturing and  presentation of individual research and design so that students could have a good grasp of the principles and steps of clinical research design.

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