Xiangya Nursing Discipline won 11 NSFC grants in 2021

On August 18, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) announced the evaluation results of the NSF 2021 centralized acceptance of applications, and the Central South University nursing discipline was awarded 11 projects. The total amount of direct funding approved is 3.67 million RMB, which is a record high for both the number of approved projects and funding.

Project Category

Project Name


Key Program

Role and mechanism of NMDA receptors in mediating diabetic islet β-cell dedifferentiation and transdifferentiation

Siyuan Tang

Key Program

Predictive model and facilitation mechanism of self-management behavior in elderly with reduced intrinsic capacity

Feng Hui

Key Program

Precise identification and intelligent management of critical alarms in multiparameter monitors from a life cycle perspective

Yue, Liqing

Key Program

Construction and validation of a catheter-related thrombosis risk prediction model for cancer patients based on genetic and environmental multidimensionality

Jinghui Zhang

Youth Scientist Fund

An evidence-based study on the construction of a community-based perinatal depression prevention model based on mobile health technology

Mei Sun

Youth Scientist Fund

Intelligent early warning method for flap blood circulation disorders based on vascular vibration laser scatter detection technology

Peng Lingli

Youth Scientist Fund

Study on the construction and intervention of safe medication management model for chronic heart failure patients at home based on drug literacy theory

Zheng Feng

Youth Scientist Fund

Research on the mechanism and effect of virtual reality intervention for death anxiety of cancer patients based on acceptance commitment therapy

Xu Xianghua

Youth Scientist Fund

Predicting the trajectory of psychological distress change and health coaching technology intervention for young cancer patients

Ying-Long Duan

Youth Scientist Fund

The role and mechanism of impaired branched-chain amino acid metabolism in mediating myofibroblast apoptosis resistance to promote lung fibrosis

Huang Xiaoting

Youth Scientist Fund

Construction and empirical study of an evidence-based nursing practice model based on an online support platform for hospital-school cooperation

Chen Qirong

In order to encourage our nursing faculty to actively declare high-level scientific research projects, promote the output of high-level scientific research results, and better serve the major national strategies and social needs, the school has launched the Implementation Plan for the Cultivation Plan of High-level Scientific Research Projects of Xiangya Nursing Discipline and the Start-up Plan for the Seed Fund of Central South University-Flinders University since 2020. The "bumper harvest" of NSF projects this year is due to the great guidance and support from the relevant departments of the university, the comprehensive planning and concern and support from the leaders of the college, the precise counseling from experts in related fields, and the persistence and unremitting exploration of the teachers, which has led to a significant increase in both the number and quality of our applications this year. The number and quality of applications have been significantly improved. The "bumper harvest" of NSF this year has laid a better foundation for the further improvement of nursing discipline strength and schooling level of Central South University.