Professor Lan Norman, Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Nursing Studies, was invited to give an academic lecture to the teachers and students of our school

On the afternoon of January 13th, a seminar on academic paper writing organized by the Xiangya School of Nursing of Central South University was held in Conference Room 714 of XiaoQian Building. Professor Lan Norman, Chief Editor of International Journal of Nursing Studies and  former Executive Director of the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paternity in Nandinger, Florence, King College of London, was invited to make an online academic sharing for teachers and students in our hospital entitled “Writing for publication : Top tips from an editor.” More than 50 teachers and students attended the lecture. The lecture was hosted by Professor Maritta, a foreign teacher of our college.

Professor Lan Norman first encouraged young scholars to try and explore in the way of scientific research by showing three sets of objective data. Then, in an online interactive way, he talked with participants about the difficulties and bottlenecks often encountered in paper writing and submission, leading to the core “top tips” of this academic sharing. Lan Norman compared paper writing and submission as a boat race,  in which “good tactics” and “good skills” were used to successfully win the race, providing us with vivid images of the “golden ideas” for successful publication. Lan Norman said that the correct decision-making, the choice of journals, the theme of papers, the type of papers as well as to the editor’s appeal were “good tactics”, and maximizing the quality of research reports, having a clear structure and a good writing style were “good skills”. At the same time, he emphasized the importance of academic value and academic influence with specific examples.

This academic lecture was the last lecture of the high-level academic paper writing workshop launched by our school on November 11, 2020. Through the combination of theory and practical practice, a series of lectures were designed to further help teachers of our school to impact the top international nursing journals, and guide teachers of our school to publish more high-level nursing academic papers, so as to further enhance the academic influence of our school’s nursing discipline.

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