Health Care Research Center

Founded in 2013 and affiliated with Xiangya School of Nursing of Central South University, the Health Care Research Center of Central South University relies on the multidisciplinary research team of Central South University and its affiliated medical institutions, and is committed to tracking advanced theories and technologies in the field of health care at home and abroad, undertaking national and provincial key research projects, and realizing the transformation and application of industrial research results, so as to promote the healthy and sustainable development of health care in China.

The research center has a director, an executive director, five deputy directors, and eight researchers, including a health care technology and product research lab, a health care innovation service model and demonstration research lab, and an education and training center. The main research areas are as follows:

1. Carry out health maintenance and health promotion for community populations, whole life cycle health risk assessment and intervention, key technologies and products for care and management of common chronic diseases, and research and development of health care information support technologies and products, etc.

2. Establish service standards and specifications in the field of health care. Including health risk prediction and early warning technology standards and norms, health risk intervention technology standards and norms, health management effect evaluation standards and norms, common chronic disease care and management service standards and norms, etc.

3. Research on innovative service models of health care. Including community population health promotion model, community population health management model featuring Chinese medicine, community chronic disease care and management model, Internet + nursing service model, integrated medical care and health care service model for the elderly, etc.