Central South University's Nursing Programs Receive Excellent Evaluation from International Experts

Central South University's nursing degree programs recently underwent a successful international evaluation, achieving an "Excellent (A)" rating. The evaluation took place from May 24 to May 25, 2023, at the newly constructed Xiangya School of Nursing building.

Led by Professor Nancy Radcliffe Reynolds from Johns Hopkins University, USA, the international evaluation team comprised esteemed members from renowned institutions worldwide. This included Professor Angela Y.M Leung from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Wendy Michele Cross from Australian Commonwealth University, Professor Wenru Wang from the National University of Singapore, and Professor Winnie K.W So from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Additional members included Professor Wipada Kunaviktikul from Chiang Mai University, Thailand, and Professor Xiaomei Sophia Cong from Yale University.

The assessment meeting's opening ceremony was hosted by Secretary Tao Li, who introduced the attending experts, leaders, and teachers. Secretary Li Tao extended a warm welcome to the experts, teachers, and students, and provided an overview of the assessment meeting's workflow. Director Zhan Lihua of the Degree Management Office of the Graduate School of Central South University also attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. On behalf of the university, she expressed gratitude to the evaluation experts and provided an introduction to Central South University and Xiangya School of Nursing.


During the evaluation, Associate Professor Liu Minhui presented an overview of the construction and development of the nursing degree programs at Central South University. The evaluation team then engaged in group discussions with teachers and student representatives from Xiangya School of Nursing, focusing on topics such as cultivation programs, curriculum systems, student development, and the professional growth of young teachers.

On the afternoon of May 24, the expert group conducted on-site inspections of clinical teaching bases, including the departments of Xiangya School of Nursing, the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, and the Guanshaling Community Health Service Center in Changsha City's Yuelu District. The representatives of the teaching staff at these bases engaged in in-depth conversations with the expert group.

On the morning of May 25, following a thorough review of the materials and extensive discussions, the expert group provided feedback. They unanimously recognized the nursing degree programs at Central South University as "Excellent (A)." The expert group acknowledged the programs' clear objectives, reasonable degree conferment standards and cultivation programs, strong faculty, high research levels, fruitful research outcomes, abundant postgraduate training bases, and ample research and academic resources. They also praised the programs' curriculum structure, teaching management standards, selection and recruitment processes for instructors, focus on academic training, and comprehensive scholarship system. The university was commended for its reasonable curriculum structure, teaching management standards, rigorous selection and recruitment of instructors, emphasis on academic training, establishment of a comprehensive scholarship system, and the availability of international exchange study opportunities for graduate students. The expert group offered suggestions for strengthening the curriculum system, implementing specialized training for academic and professional degrees, and enhancing research training for students.

Dean Tang Siyuan expressed heartfelt gratitude to the expert group for their guidance and assistance on behalf of Xiangya School of Nursing. He emphasized that the international evaluation of the degree programs serves as a comprehensive review of the discipline and degree construction work. The college is committed to thoroughly studying the evaluation opinions and making serious improvements to continuously enhance the quality of postgraduate education and the college's core competitiveness, thereby propelling the discipline and degree construction to new heights.

In conclusion, Dean Sun Wei of the Graduate School thanked the evaluation team for affirming the achievements in the nursing discipline's construction at Central South University. He stressed the university's commitment to considering and implementing the team's comments and suggestions, providing full support in terms of faculty and research conditions for the degree programs. Dean Sun Wei urged the degree programs to align the international evaluation with future discipline development, contributing further to Central South University's "double first-class" construction efforts.