HU Siqing, RN, B.S.N.

Question 1. Has COVID-19 impacted your decision to go in to nursing?

After experiencing the COVID-19 break, I realized more deeply that nursing is important to patients and our community. Many people feel overwhelmed because of COVID-19 epidemics, and our nurses are playing an unreplaceable role in alleviating overwhelm. Because they spent the most time in providing health service for our community, such as improving health literacy of the general population.

Question 2. What are your plans after graduation?

I will choose to work in a hospital for a few years because I want to work in clinics independently after graduation. Because I would like to combine the knowledge with practice so that I can provide high-quality nursing for my patients. I believe that working in the front line can help me keep up with the forefront of nursing constantly. I have completed a global health policy course which is so interesting, so I plan to pursue a Ph.D. degree in health policy in the near future.

Question 3. Anything else you would like to share?

Since I became a student at Xiangya School of Nursing seven years ago, I have not only learned nursing professional knowledge and skills but also formed a broad vision in nursing. First of all, our school provides us with many opportunities to communicate with our peers at home and abroad. Secondly, our school usually invites outstanding nursing- or medical-related experts to give academic lectures and share their rich experiences, which also enable me to learn a lot of new knowledge. In addition, I had internships in both the hospital and the community, which deepened my understanding of the connotation of nursing and inspired me to find my research interest.